This morning I went walking with two of the moms from my childbirth class.  We each had our babies with us and were discussing sleep habits as we rounded the corner of East Campus Wall from Buchanan to Main.  One of the moms turned to me and said, “well, your daughter is pretty brave, isn’t she?  Like she’s open to new experiences?”  I said yes, I thought she was.  I was caught off guard by this new first.  You expect the sitting independently (yes!), the teeth (none yet), crawling (no to that one too) and walking.  And people compliment me on her physical appearance all the time, her wide smile or her caddywompus hair. IMG_1999But I hadn’t expected to have a piece of her spirit complimented.  Someone in the outside world sees my daughter how I want her to be seen: strong, bold, fearless.  I felt so proud in such a very different way than I normally do.  Sure, I keep her alive by breastfeeding and that’s impressive.  But this was so different. It’s almost like with Jessica’s words, I had a glimpse into who she would be as a child.  I found myself wishing so strongly for this piece of her spirit-so shiny that other people even notice it-would stay with her FOREVER.  Of course it may not but it’s here now, today.  I’ll take it.