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My husband (and others) often tell me that I’m a “good mom”.  I believe them but…it’s hard to remember sometimes. Here are my seven reasons why this is often hard toj0430716 remember:

  1. You share your story of a recent baby challenge with one of your sisters, asking, “did _____ ever do anything like that?” and they answer “no.” Hmmm….
  2. Your child is growing so quickly and in so many different ways that reading her “cues”, following her lead or knowing how to best stimulate her learning starts to feel impossible.
  3. Given the choice of a shower or breakfast, you will always opt for the shower even though you should eat, knowing that you need to take food in to make food for the baby.
  4. Your first child, a “fur kid”, doesn’t get anywhere near the amount of attention that your new “skin kid” does.
  5. In libraries, bookstores and on Goodreads, you choose books on addiction, intimate partner violence and business instead of ones on parenting.
  6. You still hold yourself to the same high level of personal responsibility or standard (returning emails in timely manner, being a resource/mentor/advocate/friend, etc.) that you did before the baby.
  7. So many moms have to deal with everything that you do and MUCH more, often with fewer resources that it feels horribly wrong to say anything at all.

The last one is a biggie for me.  I think that I need to devote a real post to that conundrum because it’s been on my mind for a while.

Moms, makes it hard for you to remember that you really are a good mom?