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It’s an advertisement for the Berlin Zoo.  It’s an animal hybrid.  It’s a sculpture.  It’s art.  All of the above?

I don’t think it really matters.

What does matter is that it caught Elisabeth’s eye from 10 feet away and drew her as if she were at the end of a fishing line.  She reached out to touch its smooth, hard surface (what, no fur?).  We talked about the animal faces that we saw on it.  I made the sounds of some of the animals. (Do flamingos make noise? I hope so.  Otherwise I lied to a child.) This marvelous wonder, about 6 feet high, did exactly what it was supposed to.  Be compelling, attractive and memorable to kids and adults alike.  If there was a mini version of it, on a pencil or in a book, I would have bought it for Elisabeth.  It’s just that cool.

What has caught your child’s eye recently and how did you talk about it?