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I can’r remember when and where I read an article by a mom who talked about her decision to start including herself in pictures with her children.  The author prefaced the choice by saying that she’d gained weight, wasn’t exercising regularly and felt pretty shlumpy in general.  This mom decided, however, that it was less important to feel that she looked perfect for a picture and more important to be IN the picture, with her children.  I thought at the time that she was right on.  But easier said than adapted in practice, as usual, as I don’t have as many pictures as I thought of Elisabeth and I. I want to change that.  Here’s why.

  1. Her history includes me.  No great revelation here, I know, but just as I document Elisabeth’s story, so should I include me too because I am part of that story…at least when she’s small anyway.  And that time goes by so fast as it is.
  2. I want Elisabeth to see pictures of us together when I look fabulous, tired, wet, dry and everything in between.  I don’t want her to think of the camera as something that comes out only when we (both of us) look perfectly coiffed.  Being a girl is hard enough already.  Let’s leave perfection out of it as long as we can.

So, I’m turning over a new leaf.  On that note…

At the river...

At the river…

Dear reader, is the article I mentioned above familiar to you?  If so, can you leave me a comment below?  Thanks.