Welcome. I’m glad that you’re here.

IMG_3937My name is Elizabeth Johnson and I’m a mom who expected to go back to full-time work after three months with her baby. That didn’t happen.  So I decided to write about what was happening with me and my daughter instead. This blog is the start of all of my thoughts, rambles, brainstorms and musings that have been with me since my daughter was born. I’m working on understanding this new piece of me: life with a baby and I’m learning from all of it. That’s what you’ll find here. For non-baby oriented posts, check out my other blog, Swoon Now.

I’m also an educator, speaker and coach, I help pregnant women and new moms feel confident and get competent during this strange, new time of life transition and changing identity. You can learn more about my business, Outside The Mom Box, here.

Before I had my daughter, I worked with survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV) both as a counselor and as the coordinator of a 24 hour crisis line. My career also includes time spent in corporate America and small business. I’m originally from Connecticut and attended the University of Connecticut for my BA and Southern Connecticut State University for my graduate degree in Women’s Studies.

In case you found me another way, I’m also on Twitter: @ElizabethM_J and @OutsideTheMomBx.

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